Mooring Line Tensiometers

The importance of proper and adequate mooring is realised only when a gust of wind, a passing ship or a strong tidal wave cause the ship to shift. Such an incident can cause loss of men and materials. Besides Proper mooring arrangement it is desirable to measure the tenson in the winch lines. Hytech Micro Measurement Provides an efficient means to measure both the tenson in winch lines. Hytech Micro Measurements provides an efficient means to measure both the cable tension and payout of the rope.


  • - Rugged, Compact & Accurate
  • - Tension sensor
  • - Quick Installation
  • - High Payout line speed Capability
  • - Different models can take rope sizes from 12 to 60 mm Stainless Steal Frame and fixtures. Rugged load cells of Stainless Steal , stainless steal fasteners, Harder alloy Steel pully.
  • - Temperature Compensated.
  • - Rope payout resolution = 15 cm
  • - Optimized for crane or marine vessel application
  • - Swing Arm or permanent feel installation


Full featured Instrument with exceptional performance and readability.
Display LCD (2 Line with backlite)
Readability High
Operation Temp. -20 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C
Channels Eight (Accept inputs from two winches ) optional 4 winches
Display Payout and speed of payout, Tension in Rope
Configartion security Yes

The Display are made of high quality ABS and the fron panle is sealed. Tactile switches ensure protection from corrosion